since 1986

Rocking horse bodies and legs are made with traditionally pine wood glued together into a hollow box construction. This gave the horse an excellent combination of strength, weight and stability. The legs were made from a dense hardwood such as beech mortise & tenon jointed into the pine body to withstand the strain of years of boisterous rocking.


Each horse is individually carved and painted or polished using methods that have stood the test of time. Only real horsehair is used for the manes and tails, all having been specially treated to ensure its safety.

All paints and finishes used are of course non toxic, and all our horses carry the CE mark having passed all the relevant safety requirements of The Toy Safety Directive. We recommend close adult supervision if these lovely horses are ridden by children under the age of 5 years. The horses are may be toys, but they have moving parts and are extremely heavy

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